Stamps Visit Taylor School

I’d like to thank the team for taking the time to visit today and for the previous visits to our school. The impact the team has had this year on our students may not have seemed like much in the moment but have had lasting effects.

I have witnessed students who were in tears, afraid to even attempt to put on skates who now, after having a player spend the time encouraging them and skating with them, now own their first pair of skates and attend games regularly.

Players who come to the kids hockey games, who stop and offer a high five or fist pump, stop for a minute to say good luck – these are the stories I hear at school and at the dinner table. It only takes a minute but it means so much.

I’ve seen a community wake up and grasp the spirit of sport. It’s in the schools, offices, streets and coffeeshops. We have watched the team grow and celebrate their success this year. The team has been an excellent model of perseverance, growth mindset, teamwork, community spirit and support.

All the best!

Kirsten Carter
Teacher Taylor School