The Swan Valley Stampeders Ag Appreciation Week

This week we are celebrating our Agriculture Project and the many volunteers that help make it a success year after year.

As part of Ag Project Appreciation Week, we recognize the many businesses and individuals who come together from planning to planting to harvest. Through their efforts the board is able to raise a large part of the funds needed to keep the team in a healthy financial position.

A simple thank you is not enough to express the gratitude we have for all of you.


Oct 2021: Henkelman Farms fall applied 7,45T of 82-0-0 (Anhydrous Ammonia) supplied by Swan Valley Co-op Ltd. Total cost $8,392.75. Swan Valley Co-op Ltd. donated $2000.00 towards the costs.

March 2022 – Picked up 15 R/T 540 10Ljugs to be used in 2022.

May 4th, 2022 Sean Eggie harrowed the field in preparation for seeding.

May 11th, 2022: Sean Eggie Seeded the field to wheat and banded the fertilizer on a one pass operation. Carmichael Seed Farms donated the 304 bushels of MC Redstar wheat. (Valued at $5,320.00) The fertilizer was supplied by Richardson Pioneer Ltd. Swan River Valley.(Valued at $15,000.00) Richardson Pioneer donated $2500.00 towards these costs.

June 2022 . AMHI (Additional Municipal Hail Insurance) and Ryan Keown’s company ACE Real Estate (Hail Insurance Specialist) donated the premium cost of $970.00 to cover $300/acre coverage.

June 2022: Derek Henkelman of Henkelman Farms sprayed the field for wild oats (Varro, a product of Bayer CropScience) and Travallas herbicide, (a product of FMC Ag CA) for broadlead weed control. (Value of donated custom application $1500.00). Products were supplied by New Era Ag and donated by Bayer CropScience Canada and FMC Ag CA. (Est value $3400.00).

July 2022: Western Canadian Aerial air applied Prosaro (a product of Bayer CropScience , to control ergot, fusarium head blight, and leaf disease) in wheat. Custom application was donated by Western Canadian Aerial (Value of Donated service $2200). Prosaro was supplied by Richardson Pioneer and donated by Bayer CropScience Canada. (Value of Donated product $2800.00).

July 2022: Paid invoice at MASC for the crop insurance and additional hail insurance.

August 2022: NAS Custom Spraying applied the R/T 540 for even pre-harvest ripening. (Value of donated service $1500,00).

Sept 7th 2022: Sean Eggie with his crew, 4 combines, and a grain cart harvested the wheat. Sauder trucking transported 6 semi loads of wheat to the Richardson Pioneer Swan River Valley elevator. (Est value of custom combining $5200.00). (Est value of Custom hauling $2,500.00). Yield was 65 bushels per acre.

Sept 8th: Best day ever.! Picked up a cash ticket from Richardson Pioneer for $95,288.00.

Sept 2022: Doak’s Bulk Fuel donated 300 litres offuel to defer some of the fuel cost incurred combining the field. (est value $450.00).

May to Oct 2022: Ryan Immerkar of New Era Ag provided their Agricoaching service throughout the year. (Est value of service $1500.00).

We want to thank everyone that donated either products and/or services. We have included in our report the estimated value of these donated services and products at approx. $32, 00.00.

We want to thank the “Star and Times” for donating the space for this write up every year and their support to our club. Special thanks to Cody Manchester for his posting on the Stampeder’s Facebook.

We want to thank Mark Alderson for continuing to rent his land. We signed a contract extension with Mark for the years 2023 to 2027 inclusive.

The Board of Directors thank the “Ag Project” committee of Dave Kirk, Sean Eggie, Ryan Immerkar, Trevor Warburton, and Merv Beasley for their continued effort keeping this going, with a special thanks to Jim Staples for all his contributions over the last 15 years or more.

Thank you to all sponsors