Become a Billet Family

For Billet Families
As a Billet Family your role is…..
•To be a mentor, friend, counselor, and a good role model. To provide a safe, clean, family-oriented environment. To provide nutritious meals and snacks.
• This includes providing sufficient quantities of staples such as milk, cereals, fruit, vegetables,carbohydrates, and protein.
To provide a private bedroom.
• “Private bedroom” is defined as an existing enclosed bedroom protected from other children in the house. Future or proposed bedrooms will not be considered.
• The player must be provided with clean bedding and mattress.
• The player must have a closet and storage space. To provide suitable bathroom facilities.
• Bathroom facilities must be easily accessible and reasonably private.
•To listen and give encouragement.
•To support and build up their self-esteem.
•To treat the player as “one of the family”.
•To provide transportation if and when needed.
•To provide a Non-Smoking Household.

Billets also have a responsibility to ………….

  • Report to the team Billet Coordinator monthly or as required by the team/league.
  • Be familiar with team game and practice schedules and other events requiring player attendance.
  • Be fully knowledgeable of team guidelines and expectations governing conduct, educational standards and curfews.
  • Provide 3 balanced meals a day.
  • The Billet Family will not be responsible for providing “athletic supplements”, “protein powders”, “specialized training diets”, etc.
  • Enforce strict curfews established by the team/league and report any player that Breaks curfew.
  • Ensure that players do not leave the town or city without permission from the Billet Coordinator and the player’s parents unless on a team function.
  • Ensure players attend all classes, either high school or university, including afteraway games.
  • All players must notify the team representative if they will be late or absent.
  • Players should give billets a timetable of their classes. Report any incidents involving player safety, security or well-being to the Billet Coordinator immediately.
  • Report any concerns you have with the player to the Billet Coordinator.
  • Report any positive input to the Billet Coordinator. (eg. player helped with their son’s hockey practice, etc.)
  • Ensure that underage players are not given access to alcoholic beverages.
  • Ensure a Family Emergency Contact Card (Example – Appendix 2) is completed and if the player has medical emergency, billets are asked to take appropriate  steps – i.e. go to hospital /call emergency services – first, then contact team.

For Players

  • Players must keep in mind that it is not a right to live at a billet’s home but a privilege.
  • Always project a positive image of yourself and your team.
  • Players must show gratitude and be helpful at all times.
  • Players should keep their areas clean and clean up after themselves.
  • Players should have their own spending money for day-to-day expenses.
  • Players are responsible for their schooling.
  • Players are expected to look for a job when not attending school.
  • Players must notify the billet family regarding their whereabouts.
  • All players are to respect the meal times established by the billet family and be present and on time.
  • Players should inform their billet families if they will not be home or on time for dinner.
  • Players are expected to help out the billet families in
    the kitchen by assisting with meal preparation or meal clean up.
  • Players are expected to follow all curfews and to advise their billet family if they will be out late.
  • Underage players will not consume alcohol.
  • Billeted Players will report any issues of concern with their Billet Family to the GM, Coach or Billet Coordinator as well as to their parents.
  • Players will advise their Billet Families of their team practice and game schedule. Any overnight guest should be approved by the billeting family.

The Stampeder Organization offers $400 per month and a free season ticket. If you feel this is something you and your family would be interested in, please call Rhonda Mills at 1-204-734-8162.