Season Tickets

Season Tickets

Season tickets can be purchased online at https://stampedershockey.square.site/seasontickets




The Swan Valley Stampeder Organization would like to welcome back our fans for what is sure to be another exciting year of MJHL hockey.

 This year we have made several changes to our ticket system…

 We have gone DIGITAL.

 Early Bird pricing in effect until August 31, 2021 at midnight and is only available to those purchasing online.

Get Help

We have created several instructional videos to help you get your account and ticket purchase done online. Those instructional videos can be found here https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMKzg5ctTsh6AtXmI0kedFX362O73wJh3

 The Stampeder organization is following public health and facility recommendations on capacity, mask and vaccination restrictions and will continue to abide by any changes prior to start the 2021-22 regular season. Right now our only limitations are 50 percent capacity but we will continue to update the public as we find out more in the coming month.


Season Ticket – $250 early bird ($300 after Aug. 31)

Adult Flex Pack – $250 early bird ($300 after Aug. 31)

Half Season Adult Flex Pack – $165 early bird ($185 after Aug. 31)

Student – $200

NEW THIS YEAR: Children 12 & under are FREE

Single game tickets are also available for purchase online. We have a plan in place to purchase in store in the near future in case you are not able to purchase online. Please check back for updates.

To purchase your tickets, please click here https://www.showpass.com/o/swan-valley-stampeders/

If you pro-rated your season ticket or flex pack purchase from last season, please contact Cody (1-204-281-2765 or email marketing@stampedershockey.com) to receive your redemption code that can be used at check out to receive your discount.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you soon!



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99. Get to know your business colleagues outside of the office.
98. Help part-time workers feel more included in the organization.
97. Reward suppliers and vendors who consistently meet deadlines.
96. Treat a loyal customer for his or her birthday.
95. Run a sales contest and reward the winner with tickets.
94. Thank someone who has given you helpful business advice.
93. Take someone who does business with a competitor.
92. Have a drawing at work and give them to the lucky employee.
91. Enhance relationships with those in a position to recommend you or refer your business.
90. Take a potential customer and close the sale after a Stampeder's Win!
89. Take a loyal customer to say "thanks."
88. Take one of your smaller accounts and try to enhance their business with you.
87. Reward a customer who gave you a referral.
86. Reward an employee who comes up with a savings suggestion.
85. Attendance incentives for employees.
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83. Congratulate a recent employee.
82. Win back a customer who had a problem or a complaint with your company.
81. Thank a customer who praised your company.
80. Offer a unique incentive for customers to do business with you.
79. Package tickets with your product to promote sales
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3. Take your Valentine to a Game.
2. Keep them for yourself!
1. Use tickets as a way to spend quality time with your entire family.