Tell us a Story Entries

Tell us a Story

Entry #1

The time where the Stampeders whooped the Portage Terriers in the Finals last year. I know it was like 7-2 or something like that, but how loud it got after every goal was amazing to see and hear….. unknown

Entry #2

The blowout win at home , last year against the Portage Terriers in the MJHL Finals…. Ricky Barker

Entry #3

When the Stamps played against the Pistons on Steinbach turf… A group of screaming fans were cheering on the Stampeders… Adrenaline was really pumping and Quinn was our fav.  He even dropped the gloves. We were screaming so hard and the Stamps won. We almost lost our marbles! – Alyson Loewen

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